Thursday, January 14, 2010


Alright, everyone, I need help: I'm trying to get All the Way Turnt Up on a whole bunch of hiphop blogs. Because I'm an artist on a computer who isn't signed..its really easy for them to dismiss me. But if i can get a whole bunch of people to contact them, maybe they'll be more inclined to listen. Here's a list of blog email addresses. do me a HUGE favor and contact them with the link to All the Way Turnt Up and let'em know about Ruby in the Rough and #SouthoftheNorthpole and all other things SUBMiT.

Here's a link to All the Way Turnt Up

Here's a link to The Ruby in the Rough

And here are email addresses of A WHOLE BUNCH of music blogs., - - -, -
================================================ - - - - - -, -, - -,, - - - -,,,,

I know there a whole lot of them. but even if you send an email to one of them I'll appreciate it a WHOLE lot. The top section of sites are the REALLY popular ones. most of them are apart of the "New Music Cartel" basically, don't be offended if none of them respond.




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