Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Word to the wise

Be patient. And know that the deeper into any business slash industry you get, the longer you have to wait for answers.

Im waiting...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

What's up

Been working more than bloggin lately. Can't say I'm sorry. Semester just ended and I get a whole month to focus on Music, God, And people...basically what I normally do minus school. No sure what's relly up. countless sessions with Pharoh lately. I wish he had a link I could plug, but he's in the stone age and deleted his myspace. and doesn't have a twitter or anything. shine. too bad. This next tape is gonna be a monster. haha. more on that. I think I like being vague. eh..yeah.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Question: Wher you been? Answer: In the lab. Heavy.

Okay. So I've been doing ALOT of recording/producing/thinking lately. Been absent from all facets of the internet. It's hard to be a rapper. I feel likeI have to have all these different social networking thingys and its hard to get'em all in order. Had the myspace when it reigned supreme over the internet. Got a facebook when they took the throne, Now I'm trying to keep up with twitter and the other two. Not to mention SoundCloud and other strictly music things. ugh. I feel like an old man with things like this. "Back in my day, rappers just had to make music."


Guess I should do my rapper thing and tell people what's up:

Got a mixtape dropping no time table for a release. I know when I want it out, but i don't wanna be held to that. Anyone who's had to deal with me and release dates can attest to that. but anyway. It'll be I don't wanna give a title and be held to that either. Feel like it'll give away the concept..which would give away the HUGE plans I have for it prematurely. And you wouldn't want that would you? haha.

But at least to give a SMALL insight to what'll be on the tape, here's this.

His names Mt Eden and he's pretty big in the electro/dubstep scene in AU/New Zeland. Someone sent me the link saying i should spit on that beat, but I think I'll take it a step further and contact him once my plans for the tape are a bit more concrete. **Evil smirk**

okay that's all the hints you get for now....oh and this

Link to Mt. Eden's album. VERY solid body of work. If we never got something going personally, I'm still ripping one-all of the beats on thist album.

but yeah....


Saturday, November 7, 2009

New blog.


Don't wanna make this too long and drawn out. Long story short, SAYved Mangement has dissolved. No bad blood. Life just gets crazy...Still getting help from CB, just not formlly. I'm a bit more on my own now. in words of BigBro "It be like that sometimes."

In case you're wondering about the old blog it'

Hopefully gonna take over the world. haha.